1. Accountability


Residents are yearning for ways to get involved in local government, to share their opinions, and to roll-up their sleeves. But to participate, the pathway has to be flexible and responsive to the very busy lives we all live. That's why I am working to make sure every resident has a chance to have his or her voice heard by ensuring there is a system that welcomes your input.

As your At-Large City Councilor, I formed an Accountability Working Group to research the establishment of and outlining how to best organize, structure, and implement “Neighborhood Advisory Councils” to provide local government with advice on addressing neighborhood needs. The working group's findings are below.

Working Group Executive Summary

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The Accountability Working Group determined there is not enough participation in government decision-making and that some voices and issues tend to dominate the conversation in the traditional Ward meeting structure.


The Accountability Working Group feels there is value in neighborhoods owning the decision-making process and taking a proactive stance as it relates to quality of life issues impacting residents’ own neighborhoods and thus recommends that the city move forward with piloting a geographically based neighborhood advisory council which would focus on overall quality of life issues.

The overall objectives of this pilot would be to:

  • Create a structure for broader community input into decision-making in the City of Brockton;
  • Provide elected officials with direct, on-the-ground information about what is going on in Brockton’s neighborhoods and residents’ priorities based on the assumption that people who live in a neighborhood best know its strengths and needs; and
  • Provide an additional avenue for the development of grassroots leadership in Brockton’s neighborhoods.


Accountability Working Group Report