Executive Management, Business Strategy, Education and Public Policy, Talent Management, Community Engagement


Jass Stewart is the first minority to serve on the City Council and the first openly gay elected official in the City of Brockton, MA.

He retired in 2016 as a City Councilor at Large after serving three successful terms spearheading "good government" initiatives focused on reform, accountability, and innovation.

Jass is currently a Special Advisor at the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, with a portfolio of statewide initiatives that include learning standards, curriculum and instruction, and assessments.

He lives on the north side of Brockton where he first bought his home more than 15 years ago.



Jass Stewart has more than 17 years’ management experience in organizational leadership and relationship building with political, business, community, and education leaders.

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Big Bang!

With a broad cross section of community stakeholders, Jass Stewart is working on the start of something big in Brockton.

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