As Henry Ford said, "You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do," but on what you've accomplished.

As a three-term elected official in Brockton, MA, Jass Stewart promised one thing: to always put his constituents first. He is very proud of his public service on the Brockton City Council (2010 to 2016).



  1. Accessible and in the community. Since being elected, Jass attended over 3,000 events and responded to more than 2,500 calls. He made a real difference in our neighborhoods—from new streetlights to gang sign removal to the cleaning of empty lots.
  2. Pushed through hiring reform. Jass pushed through Brockton's first-ever anti-nepotism policy to ensure every resident has a fair shot at a city job, despite entrenched opposition.
  3. Divested taxpayer dollars out of big banks. Because of the foreclosure crisis, Jass lobbied for the divestment of local taxpayer dollars from big banks. Brockton is now investing more than $170 million a year in community banks.
  4. Focused on performance. Before Jass joined the City Council, department heads received pay raises without performance reviews. He led a committee to develop goals and a formal evaluation system so that raises are attached to results.
  5. Spearheaded trade mission to Cape Verde. Jass led the first-ever American trade mission to Cape Verde, West Africa to help Brockton businesses enter CV's $2 billion market. In the process, he helped to secure more than $26 million in contracts for a Brockton start-up.
  6. First to oppose the power plant. Jass was the first to stand up against this project when no other candidate or elected official would—against powerful political and business interests and on the side of Brockton families.
  7. Stood beside the Henry family. In the tragic shooting death of Pace University student DJ Henry by a white police officer, Jass filed a resolution supporting the Brockton family’s call for the U.S. Department of Justice to conduct an investigation.
  8. Sparked the Water Department review. One resident made a call, and Jass responded. As a result, Brockton conducted one of the most comprehensive reviews and overhauls of a city department—ever.
  9. Reached across the political aisle. As a Democrat, Jass put competence and Brockton first, not political party, and endorsed two highly qualified Republicans who served as our County Sheriff and District Attorney.
  10. Placed key information online. Jass led the effort to make city government more transparent and accessible by placing online all city meeting agendas, ordinances, and recreational calendars.

It was an honor for Jass Stewart to serve the community of Brockton. We made a difference!