with a broad cross section of community stakeholders, Jass Stewart is working on the start of something big in Brockton.


what is BIG BANG! all about?

BIG BANG! will be a place in Brockton where any young person with a vision of becoming an artist or artisan, a technician or technologist, a poet or public servant can go to get the advice, resources, and investments they need to live out their dreams. We will place a high value on the talents and energy of young people, ages 15 to 24, who are often ignored for their potential.

The space will look and work a lot like an Apple Store, with a large room on the first floor with multiple and varied spaces that can accommodate about 75 people. Upstairs, there will be art studios, digital production facilities, maker spaces, and more. A small group of staff members will be on hand, representing various industries, talents, and experiences. These people will serve as our Genius Connectors, helping each young person connect to a dream team of peers and industry experts who can cultivate their interests and talents.

After months of meetings, site visits, and design sessions with Brockton youth and community leaders, we're now shopping the idea around to investors. You can read the project presentation online. Also, if you are 14 to 25, please complete our youth survey. We need your feedback to help potential funders understand what young people think about the project.

BIG BANG! will be the place where the start of something big happens every day, because the next big idea is in the mind of a Brockton youth, who will now have a creative space to go to turn that idea into reality.


The BIG BANG! concept created by

Jass Stewart


Office of the Mayor, Bill Carpenter

Brockton Police Department


Trinity Financial

Project Design Firm

Big Picture Learning


Sandro Castro

Nancy Leedberg

Noube Rateau

Jass Stewart

Darrell Wright, Sr.